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Zesti – Ine Beerten | Wanted … a Blueprint Show Assistant
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Wanted … a Blueprint Show Assistant

Hello everybody! There are many great things about exhibiting at a big tradeshow like Surtex or Blueprint as an art collective, like I’ve done the past 2 years with the Forest Foundry collective. You can split the costs, you can be each other’s supporters and accountability system to get new work ready for the show. All of you together can think of all the little details that need to be organized and share the workload and pressure.


And another great thing at the show itself is that there’s always plenty of people to man the booth when somebody needs a lunch or bathroom break. The first year there were 7 of us, last year there were 6 and you really only need 2 or people max at your booth to talk to the clients, so that gave the rest of us time to go check out the other booths and have a look at the National Stationery Show and the Furniture Show.




But this year I’ll be exhibiting solo for the very first time and I’m super excited about that! It feels good to actually do everything myself, to have the freedom to do it exactly as I wish, but also to be responsible for getting everything done. With 2 years of Surtex experience under my belt I know what’s necessary and I’m not nearly as nervous as I was before our first show in 2014. But there is still one thing I could use some help with – I would really love to find an assistant to come and help out at my booth, to chat with in quiet times, to assist when it’s busy and to make sure there’s always at least one person at the booth when one of us needs a little break.


So here’s the deal, I’m looking for a:


Blueprint Show Assistant


This is a volunteer position – I can’t offer you any money for this job, you will also be required to pay for your own travel & accommodation.


What I can offer you is an amazing experience, especially if you’re an artist who is considering to exhibit yourself but is not ready yet to take the step or if you’re considering to be an agent. You would get some firsthand experience on what it’s like to do trade shows, learn how to communicate with clients and meet lots of other artists and interesting people.





  • You love print and patterns – you can be an artist but don’t have to be
  • You have an open and positive nature and are trustworthy
  • Having trade show experience or sales or marketing experience is a plus but not a must
  • You can pay for your own accommodation, food and transport to the show
  • You are available for at least 2 days from 12-16 May 2016



BLUEPRINT will take place in New York for 5 days from 12-16 May 2016. I realize that this is a long period for just 1 person to assist me, so if you prefer to do only 2 or 3 days, let me know and I might simply hire 2 assistants.


If you’re interested in being my Blueprint assistant, please send me an email at and tell me why you would like to get the job.


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