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Zesti – Ine Beerten | Paint Explorations – Wonder Woodland
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Paint Explorations – Wonder Woodland

Hi everybody,


I’ve recently started a new project to paint 30 min each to improve my painting skills. I’ve never really gotten into painting because it just didn’t feel comfortable to do for me. It’s messy and there’s no undo button and let’s be honest here, I’m a total control freak, so I just stayed away from it and stuck to digital artwork, mostly in vector.


Anyway, I decided to give it another shot and here we are. I’m already a couple of weeks into it and I’m really enjoying it. I’ll be honest my 30 minutes often turn into something a bit longer because I’m simply slow and I sometimes skip a day, but I always try to make up for it by doing double the amount of time next time. I’ve discovered it’s really relaxing, almost meditative.


I usually start my week by picking a theme and colour palette and then make little paintings everyday that become a little collection by the end of the week.


These are some pics from my first painted collection Wonder Woodland.





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