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Zesti – Ine Beerten | Koi No Bori Cut & Sew Tutorial
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Koi No Bori Cut & Sew Tutorial

Ok, so this is the first time I’ve made a cut & sew pattern and tutorial, so it’s possible that some things may not be very clear. If that’s the case please let me know and I’ll try to adjust it. But it kind of feels like writing about a recipe so I guess I’ll start in the same way:


– 1 fat quarter with my Koi No Bori cut & sew print in blue lime or pink orange
– scissors
– cotton thread in matching colors
– pins
– 2 pieces of white bias tape 1cm wide, about 12cm long, I used turned white fabric from the sides of the fat quarter into these 2 small pieces of bias tape.
– a small piece of iron on interfacing (about 15 cm x 10 cm)
– hemming web with backing paper or fabric glue
– purple (or other matching color) ribbon of 5 mm wide and about 40cm long
– plastic ring Ø 8 or 9 cm, I cut of the border of a plastic soup container which was a little bit too big but once trimmed worked perfectly.
– ribbon or string to hang the kite from.



1. Cut all the different elements from the fat quarter. The seam allowance (purple or pink border) is included inside the white dotted line, except for the blossoms. There’s a small koi fish extra which you can turn into a tiny kite or stuffed Koinobori (not explained in this tutorial)
2. I left a little extra fabric at the tail end of the fish (this will be explained later).
3. Pin the 2 sides of the fish together and start sewing the sides of the fish, make sure to leave open the mouth and tail.
4. Notch outer curves and snip inner curves.



5. To keep the edges from fraying you can finish the edges of the sides with a zigzag stitch (or use a serger).
6. turn the koi fish inside out, make sure the fins are also turned inside out properly. Then press and stitch along the fins.
7. Now we’re going to start making the mouth. Sew the bias tape to the good side of the fabric of the mouth on both sides.
8. Then turn the fish inside out and sew the other side of the bias tape. Make sure you can still open the mouth when sewing on the bias tape.



9.-10. Now we can put the plastic ring through the bias tape tunnel (not sure what the right word would be for this, but I hope it’s clear what I mean). There are 2 openings where you can push through the ring. If your ring is a little bit too big like mine was, you can simply cut it of at the right size. Make sure where the ring comes together is inside the tunnel.
11. Attach the string or ribbon for hanging the kite to the ring with a few simple knots through the openings in the bias tape.



12.Let’s start on the tail. First cut two pieces of iron-on interfacing a little bigger than the size of the purple border from the tail.
13. Iron the interfacing on the inside of the tail exactly on the purple border.
14. Cut away any excess fabric. We cut it now with the interfacing to prevent it from fraying.
15. To finish it zigzag stitch along the border to secure it even more from fraying. Use cotton thread in purple (or pink if your making the pink orange kite) for the best result.



16. And just a final touch to the tail to finish the kite: Let’s attach the purple ribbon with the blossoms.
17. Iron the hemming web with backing paper onto 3 of the blossoms. The blossoms are not a 100% symmetrical, which means there are 3 mirrored blossoms that fit onto the other three, please check so the fit perfectly.
18. Cut out the blossoms. Peel of the backing paper from the hemming web. Place the 3 blossoms with the hemming web face down with about 4cm distance between them. Lay the ribbon on top, and then the other 3 blossoms face up on top of them. Iron them, so there glued together with the bottom blossoms.
19. Attach the ribbon with the blossoms with a few small stitches to one side of the tail. Et voilà, that’s it! Your Koi No Bori Kite is finished!



  • Laura

    21.12.2011 at 17:33 Reply

    What fabric did you use? thanks!

  • Ine


    21.12.2011 at 09:47 Reply

    This is organic cotton sateen, but you could also use one of the synthetic fabrics, maybe the silky faille, just check the whole print fits on the fat quarter.

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