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Zesti – Ine Beerten | African Waxprint collection by Zesti - Ine Beerten now available on Spoonflower
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African Waxprint Collection

Hello everybody! This week I’d like to show you my new African Waxprint designs that are now available on Spoonflower. I originally made these for a job interview I did last year to work for company that manufactures and sells the real African waxprint fabrics all over the world, not Vlisco ;-) , but a company that’s based here in Antwerp.


I thought the job sounded very interesting and I ended up being one of their favorite candidates, but I would have had to make a big commitment for many years full-time work with them, which would l have left me hardly any time or opportunity to develop my own work/business. So they decided to go with another designer who would give their 100% to do the job.

It brought up a lot of mixed feelings for me. The job sounded so interesting and perfect because the application said it would have been a part-time job. I loved the idea of delving into such a different culture and helping them build their brand. But the reality of it being a full-time job and that it basically meant I would have to give up what I’ve been working for so much the last couple of years just felt wrong. But at the same time I also realized how much I was looking forward to getting a steady pay check again if I got the job and how much I regretted not going to get that paycheck when in the end I didn’t get the job! As many of you will know, it’s really hard trying to get your own business of the ground, not knowing how much you’ll earn. Of course it gets better and better, but it’s slow progress.


Anyway, I really love these designs, I’m even thinking of making some coordinates to complete the collection. You can find them here on Spoonflower and they are available as fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap.


African Waxprint fabric by Ine Beerten - Zesti now available on Spoonflower:

African Waxprint fabric by Ine Beerten - Zesti now available on Spoonflower:

African Waxprint fabric by Ine Beerten - Zesti now available on Spoonflower:

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