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Zesti – Ine Beerten | About Me
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Hi, I’m Ine Beerten, a Belgian designer with a passion for colorful patterns and illustrations.




I’m inspired by a lot of mid-century art and design, anything colorful, my travels and my fellow artists’ work.

I always find it hard to define my style but recently a friend called it contemporary retro and I like that description a lot.

I love creating pattern collections with a range of different types of prints, from simple abstract or geometric to complex narrative prints. A lot of my work is geared towards kids and the young at heart.


‘ZESTI means with great enthusiasm and energy, having zest for life and I hope those qualities are visible in my work and life.

I started using ‘Zesti because I wanted to use a name that was easy to pronounce for everybody. Lately I’ve been using my own name more and more too.


I have worked with Hallmark, American Greetings, CSS Industries, Design House Greetings, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Little Miss Marmelade, Jelly The Pug, Veritas (Belgium), Kersenpitje (Belgium), Kjekk & Søt (Norway), Alles Fuer Selbermacher (Germany), Craftizen (Korea), …


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If you are an art director or art buyer I would love to work with you. I have a big portfolio with ready made collections of patterns, illustrations and greeting gard designs available for licensing. I also work freelance or on commission creating new work just for you.
I can create anything from mood and trend boards, sketches to print ready design files and color separations. I can work with you to develop your products, create mockup images and even do the layout for packaging.


If you like to see my password protected portfolio or are interested to work with me please contact me here.


If you are a regular customer wanting to buy products with my prints please check out my Shop page where you can find out more about my fabrics and other products.


For the biggest part of the year I live and work in Antwerp, Belgium. I love my city, through out centuries it’s been a home to many creative people and to this day it is buzzing with artistic activity.
I have a little studio in my apartment with a relatively basic set up – old iMac which serves as a big screen for my MacBook Air, Wacom drawing tablet, sketch books, pens, pencils and paints, printer, scanner, camera, …


For a small part of the year, usually during the cold winter months I like to travel to warmer and more exotic regions. One of my favourite places to stay in those dark winter months is the sleepy town of Nong Khai along the banks of the Mekong river in the north east of Thailand.
My set up while traveling is even more basic – laptop, wacom tablet, phone camera, pencils and pens and sketchbook.


Together with 7 of my closest artist friends we started an art collective called Forest Foundry in 2013. We’ve exhibited together at Surtex in New York twice and even though we don’t have any plans to exhibit together again in the near future we still remain very close and give each other advice on how to handle everything concerning illustration, surface pattern design and anything really.


Visit me at BLUEPRINT in New York!

BluePrint Show 2, 404 10th Av., New York,
21-23rd May 2017


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