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Zesti – Ine Beerten | colorful & fun patterns & designs
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‘Zesti is a one person creative studio that focuses on colorful and fun pattern design, illustration, hand lettering and graphic design. It’s run by Ine Beerten, yes, that’s me! I’m a Belgian artist and member of the Forest Foundry Art Collective.


All artwork on this website is available for licensing. I would also love to do commission, freelance work and collaborations. Don’t hesitate to contact me at with any ideas, questions, requests or even just to say hello.

Like what you see and want to see more?

Please visit my portfolio page. Still not enough? If you’re an art director, art buyer or agent, please contact me here to request a password for my extended password protected portfolio.

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I sell a range of beautiful products in several online shops. From fabric, wall paper and gift wrap to phone cases, laptop sleeves and home decor items like pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains and rugs.

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